Speaking with Passion

If I don’t care, why should they?

Growing up in Pittsburgh, I always remember having a passion and gift for public speaking. In high school, I gave personal witnesses in my youth group. In college, I took every public speaking course available. After college, I had a problem:  I had no outlet to use my talents.

Good thing the Lord had a plan for me. Through prayer and discernment, I came to realize that I was called to speak to Catholics about the faith. Starting with Middle school, and evolving to Highs school, college and young adult ministry, I have been speaking throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh at Confirmation retreats, high school retreats, praise and worship events, and much more.

I’ve been blessed to speak at various parishes in the Pittsburgh Diocese, Waynesburg, John Carroll, and California Universities, and various retreats in Pittsburgh.  Check out the FAQ section for my favorite topics to speak about!

What are people saying about Nick?

I liked that the emcee was really funny, and had a good stage presence. Overall he was AMAZING!

Andrew Freshman in Highschool

“He was funny when he needed to be, and serious when he needed to be. His stories were relevant and helpful introductions and afterthoughts. I thought he was very compelling.”

LaurenYouth Minister

“Nick was so funny! He knew how to get us fired up and how to bring us down to a prayerful state. He presented himself as a friend of ours since day one; being someone we can talk to if needed”

RachelHigh School Senior

“So funny and very good with us teenagers. He was very good at being an example for someone we would want to look up to. He also read the crowd. Knew when to be serious and we understood him well. Loved him!”

GabeHigh School Junior

“Nick Scrarappa was very dynamic, entertaining, and funny. He did a very nice job presenting as the emcee.”

WillHigh School Freshman